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The infamous comedian Tommy Chong, who along with comic partner Cheech Marin made a living performing live shows, recording albums, and making films touting the recreational advantages of marijuana use, was serious when he was quoted by WOAI on May 14 saying that he believes legalizing marijuana could save the U.S.

First, it was lies - misinformation. The American public has been scammed, . intentionally! Don't forget; this drug user's constant harping on his obsession,. it's all about: his "right" to use pot recreation ally!

"Huh", I thought immediately. It was obvious the way down to the hamburger sauce slopped down the front of my t-shirt. His response caught me off guard - an indication as to a part of what I would learn a few days.

When planting new plants, make sure to know when the best times would be to plant them in your gardens. Consider planting your plants during the night or through a day. These plants have a better chance of living if you plan them in weather versus dry, or in bright weather.

I am a leukemia survivor who did two years of chemotherapy as a practitioner that is recreational marijuana. I'm not looking to debate or argue, merely recreational marijuana to share my experience in hopes that individuals might pause to rethink their stance, maybe change their minds.

It's the law, although the law can be hard . Then take it to change through the right means, if you believe that it is not sufficient or if it lacks the essential provisions that would keep your needs in line. Doing this, would not further your cause, but also further the source of marijuana as a whole. Find a local chapter of a medical marijuana advocacy group in your area if you want to find out more about how you could contribute .

"Look at the situation we're in now. Sequesters. Cuts. Everything cut across the board. Now, the government is tapped into the biggest cash crop in the world," Chong said.

Some warnings might be in order - to use the app you ought to be a cannabis patient. That applies for out of state patients. We're pretty certain you weblink should pick up your accredited order immediately - like within 2 business days. And they're closed on Mondays. Client reviews on Google look very favorable and decor and the atmosphere of the place seems very relaxing - although we have visited it. The Om app was produced by the MyDispensaryApp app. Unorthodox though these Om and MyDispensary programs might be, it's interesting when the traces of technology cross over to the world of medical marijuana.

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